Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Little Helper

Even before the baby arrives, Paxton is excited to be a big brother and seeks (or invents) ways to help. Recently, he's helped search for a changing table at IKEA, pick out a big brother gift to take to the hospital, dig through boxes for itty-bitty clothes, and test out the baby's new sidecar co-sleeper. He even test fit the co-sleeper he used as an infant to see whether he'd fit and be sure it was comfy enough for Baby Angel. The verdict? Too small for Pax, plenty comfy for the newest Willoughby:

But, my favorite moment of Paxton's help so far was last week at our midwives appointment. Pax loves to hear the baby's heartbeat when we visit (on a weekly basis now), so it was extra exciting this time when he got to do it himself. He pushed the chair right up to Merrilee's, climbed up, squeezed out the cold blue gel (with a little midwife help), turned on the doppler microphone, and placed it in just the right spot to pickup the baby's heartbeat. He was very proud and mommy and daddy melted just a little. Thanks for being such a great helper, Paxton. It warms our hearts to know that your love and helping hands are ready to meet Baby Angel whenever he or she arrives.

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