Monday, May 23, 2011

Family Pictures

In honor of another big milestone in our family, we had some family pictures taken to remember this incredibly special time in our lives. It's not much longer that we will be a family of three and we wanted to capture some images that we can show our little one someday. Our friend, Catie, from Vuefinder Photography took some absolutely incredible pictures for us. I had an idea in my mind of what I hoped these images would reflect and she went above and beyond what I had imagined. I look at these images and I see the love in our family as it is now and the excitement that all three of us share about meeting Baby Angel. If you want to take a peek, I put an image gallery up on our Mobile Me site. Catie, thank you for making these memories come to life!

Some little gems

First of all, I wanted to post an image with Baby Angel's not-first trip to Disneyland. As we're nearing the end here, my belly seems to be growing at a ridiculously rapid rate and I thought it was worth documenting. Little one...someday you can look at these and I hope they make you smile :)

On a completely different note, some of the things that Paxton has said about Baby Angel are absolutely priceless and I have been trying to write them all down so I will never ever forget. Here are some of the little gems so far...I'm sure there will be plenty more!

"Baby Angel come out!" and "Open the door!" - Um, yes please!

"Boy" and "Baby Brother" - This one still hasn't changed...he's completely convinced!

"Baby Angel come out the bebo" - We're working on correcting this one. We just bought the National Geographic "In the Womb" DVD for him to watch. Although if he thinks the baby is coming out my belly button, it's definitely not the end of the world :)

"Baby come out the door and eat breakfast" - If Pax is serving, it will likely be pancakes or waffles. I'm sure it won't be long before Baby Angel is coming into our bedroom in the morning announcing "sugar time" just like his/her big brother.

"Baby's talking now" - This is what Pax said with his ear to my belly. I have no clue what the baby said, but maybe someday he'll tell me.

"Mommy's baby coming on Saturday" - He didn't specify which Saturday so I'm hoping that he's referring to one of the next two Saturdays. If he's right, Brad says we'll take him to Vegas.

"Baby Angel getting taller. Be a big boy like Paxton." - This was Pax's comment to my ever-growing belly. Obviously, the belly's getting bigger so Baby Angel must be getting bigger too.

Edited on 5/26 to add...
"Paxton touch Mommy's big bella" - Not a clue where this came from, but so cute.

"I love Baby Angel" - Three times this morning, Pax leaned over to hug my belly and tell his new sibling how much he loves him/her :)

"Baby Angel eat pizza in Mommy's tummy" - Pax's comment after a big pizza dinner at Blind Lady.

Friday, May 13, 2011

We're taking guesses!!!!

Keeping Baby Angel's gender a surprise has truly been a treat! We are enjoying the mystery and know that the big birthday will be that much more exciting. What has been unexpected (and definitely entertaining) has been the constant stream of guesses that we've had from our friends, family, and complete strangers. Everyone has a guess and a theory about why they're right. Everything from the way I'm carrying to the fact that I'm eating more sweets to a ring on a string. It seems like it's been about half and half guessing a boy versus a girl, but we thought it was time for a proper poll. Go ahead and record your guess and leave a comment with your theory...I'm sure we haven't heard them all yet and it will be a blast to share these with the little one someday.

Is Paxton getting a brother or a sister?

And just for fun, these were from Mother's Day. I can't wait to see what next year's picture will look like!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our little pineapple

So according to Baby Center, we currently have a 4 pound pineapple in my belly. It's hard to believe that not too many months ago, we were talking about lentils and lima beans. Now it's also hard to believe that we will very soon be reaching watermelon and pumpkin territory. Yikes! So far, everything is progressing perfectly and our little pineapple is measuring perfectly and in exactly the right position. Not sure if it's the swimming, the acupuncture, the massage, or the fact that I'm not sitting in front of a computer 40 hours a week this time, but we were thrilled to hear that Baby Angel is right where he or she needs to be. We are looking forward to a completely natural birth this time around and according to our midwives, we shouldn't have any problems. Yay!

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