Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The bump is back

Well...we decided that it was time to resurrect "Notes on the bump" because as many of you know, another bump has arrived! The newest addition to the Willoughby clan is due to arrive sometime around June 19th which puts me at 18 weeks pregnant. We have decided that the gender of this little one will remain a surprise until the big birthday. We have had plenty of guesses from friends and family, but we're not going to make any predictions ourselves. Pax is adamant that it's a boy, however his understanding of the concept may be slightly limited ;) He does appear to grasp that there is a baby in my belly and wants to hug and kiss it every day while he says "tummy," "baby," and "boy." We are very hopeful that he will be just as excited once his sibling arrives. We know that boy or girl, he is going to make a wonderful big brother!

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