Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The nursery is ready!

The nursery is finally in a state where we can come close to calling it "done" so we took a few pictures and posted them on Flickr. We've also included a few below. We decided the theme turned out to be "Adventureland," or more specifically, "Jungle Cruise meets the Tiki Room." It's great to look around the room and see old things (France & Son 1950's teak rocker), new things (Ikea lamps), things we already owned (the Tiki Room puzzle by Shag over the crib), things that were gifted to us (the furniture from my sister), and things we never thought we'd need (the wipe warmer on top of the changing table). We think the little guy is going to love it.


  1. AWESOME. Knew you guys wouldn't disappoint on design. :) Wanna come up and help us with our kids' rooms??

  2. Looks like a very loved child's room. Nice job! I know the little guy will be very happy in there; the previous residents always were ;)

  3. looks SOOO amazing. the little guy will love it.



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